Technically now we've both made out with Stephen, so I'm willing to call it even.


Hillary: But the girl, you're going to kill her?
Jedikiah: If I say "yes" and you smile, you're next. You got it?

Respect or obey, Cara?


So this wasn't your plan. That explains the profound recklessness.


Go to hell, Jed.


I broke out before you were born, boy.

The Founder

Look at her, Cara. If you can't see that she is one of us then you are lost to us as a leader and we are lost as a people.


Hillary: It’s under “H,” for hit man.
Stephen: Let me grab my “P” for pants.

It's can't be done, it's like farting and sneezing at the same time. Scientifically impossible.


Morgan: What's going on, where is everyone?
Cara: We're getting ready to kill Stephen. Don't ask.

Plus, we’re out of the totally important stuff, like beer and Gummi bears.


This place is falling apart without John.