You can't choose your destiny. You can only fulfill it or fail it.


I've been acting different? What's up, kettle?


Mallory: You’re Russell Quan?
Russell: That’s what it says inside my underwear.

When I was lying there, bleeding out, not sure if I was gonna make it. It wasn't Astrid I was thinking about.


Looks like somebody's been a very bad boy.


You kind of suck at being a super hero.


John: You're getting better.
Stephen: Really?
John: Nope.

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Our powers don't make us good, they just make us more powerful. How we use them is up to us.


Do you really want to play God?


Great, I see we've moved to the comedy portion of your psychotic break.


John: What now?
Cara: I'm not sure.

Cara: I'm not talking about them. Why didn't you tell me?
John: Because of the way you're looking at me right now. Like I'm some monster.