Reginald: “Home?” This isn’t your home.
Allison: What are you talking about? This is the Umbrella Academy.
Reginald: Wrong again. This is the Sparrow Academy.

Diego: Why is there a painting of Ben over the mantelpiece?
Reginald: I knew you’d show up eventually.

Did we actually succeed at something? That’s incredible!


Keep faith. Believe that good things will happen. Because the fight for a better world is never over.


You have given me the greatest gift of a lifetime. You let me feel alive for the first time. You helped me find hope again. That’s a wonderful thing.


Herb: Is she…
Five: Really dead this time?
Diego: Oh, yeah.

Who the hell was that guy?!


Luther: I almost had her. Why the hell did you stop me?
Diego: Because… I love her.

Handler: Darling, I need to know that we can get past this, be a happy family again. Hmm?
Lila: They’re my real family.

She’s dangerous. And you’re scared of what she’ll do with all that new power. That’s why you dragged me to The Commission. Because I know what it’s like to love dangerous people. Difference is, they love me back.


Diego: She’s using you, Lila. The Handler.
Lila: You’re wrong. She raised me. She loves me.
Luther: Yeah, you know what? Love shouldn’t have to hurt this much.
Lila: [gags]

Lila: I trusted you. I got you a job, I even introduced you to my mother, and then you took off on me.
Diego: That’s because I needed to save the world!

The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

The Umbrella Academy has failed one of their own, the consequences of which are dire. Hold onto this feeling, children. Let it fester in your hearts, so there is never a next time.


The world is full of injustice. Good people die along with the bad. This cosmic equation will never change unless evil itself is wiped from existence.