We're not just fighting to survive anymore. We're making a new beginning.


Some people can be redeemed, and others can't.


It was a hard day, hardest we've had in a while. A man lost his arm, projects behind schedule, people were at each others throats. Thing is though as bad as it was, when the day was done, they came together. Not all of them, but enough. They chose to be together. You see what I'm getting at? No matter what happens, it's human nature to come together. That's just what we do.


You're not saving the world Rick, you're just getting it ready for me.


Negan: That's a real pretty picture you paint there, Rick. When do I get to see it.
Rick: Never. You're gonna die behind these bars, you know that.

Rick: Don't you ever get tired of acting like you're still in charge?
Negan: Do you?