I told you what would happen if the Titans ever reunited.


I keep having these dreams, that I'm being killed by Deathstroke. They're not going away. We need to do something about him.


When we let evil win, it becomes our reality.


This is how it ends.


Where's my fucking costume?


Mercy: What happened?
Walter: I'm not exactly sure.
Mercy: Home invasion?
Walter: Uh, a brunette and a blonde. The delivered my sushi, they wanted to see my hydrofoil.

Dick: Hey, Lily.
Lily: Hi ... Dick. Burning the suit?
Dick: I had a bad day.
Lily: Drama queen.
Stu: We're moving on, Lily. All behind us now. Let's show Dick what Master Wayne had us put together.

Dick: Hey, Stu, how you been? I, uh, need a new pair of shoes.
Stu: Sorry, I don't make those anymore.
Dick: Look, I don't have a lot of time.
Stu: I'm in the fruitcake trade now. Just haven't had time to change the signage.
Dick: Okay. I need a new fruitcake.
Stu: The maligning of the fruitcake, I will never understand. Come here.
Dick: Look, I'm sorry.
Stu: Don't be sorry. Have a slice.
Dick: It wasn't personal.
Stu: Fruitcake is my life. My passion. I mean, if you don't like my work, you--
Dick: I love your work. That's why I came back here.
Stu: Would you like to put a match to this before you have a slice? Oh, wait, I should know. Sure, this should do it.
[Stu burns fruitcake.]
Stu: There, that's how Dick likes his fruitcake.
Dick: I'm sorry I burned your suit. I need your help, Stu. I need another one. Something different.
Stu: Well, Master Wayne said you'd be coming.
Dick: Of course he did.
Stu: Come on.

Dawn: Rachel?
[Door opens. Donna walks in.]
Kory: Is this real, or am I going crazy?
Dawn: It's definitely real.
Rachel: Why are you following me?
Donna: Following... what? You called me and told me to come here.

Rachel: Kory?
Kory: Rachel?
Rachel: What the hell are you doing here?
Kory: Shit, I'm not completely sure.

Bruce: You need to rest. Build up your strength for the escape.
Dick: No escapes for me.
Bruce: Deathstroke has taken hostages. And here you are.
Dick: We have a truce. He's not touching anybody.
Bruce: No one you can see. At Adeline's, Slade was there, you were there, and yet no killing. Why?
Dick: He was unarmed.
Bruce: And?
Dick: And I was in Adeline's house.
Bruce: Maybe you didn't want to. Maybe there's something inside Slade that you need.
Dick: Yeah, his tiny tin heart got to me.
Bruce: You both loved Jericho, and you both got him killed. A common bond of self-loathing. As long as you're both alive, you can always blame the other guy.

Child: You've been in there for an hour. You look rough.
Kory: Thanks.
Child: Get your life right, lady.

Titans Season 2 Quotes

Donna: Would you just stop blasting it? You're wasting all your power.
Kory: Rachel is in there. Anything could be happening to her.
Donna: Says the woman who was sent here to kill her. Now that she and Dick are in there with some intergalactic demon, maybe you could try something that might actually work.
Kory: Like what, Donna? Or were you hoping the sheer force of your criticism would save her?
Donna: At least I'm not draining my powers just because I can't sit still.
Kory: Says the Titan who quits.
Donna: You really wanna go there, right now?

Rachel: Let him go.
Trigon: I'm afraid you're grounded -- no more magic.