Alexis: If anything should ever happen to Nick, you're next in line.
Amanda: You mean like if he falls down the stairs?
Alexis: Actually I was thinking more like if he got married and moved away. But I like your ambition.

Hilda: Okay, there is no way you are going to her house!
Ignacio: Hilda, I need to meet the lawyer.
Hilda: Yeah, in an office with florescent lights and witnesses...

How did C get on the A list?

Marc [upon hearing Christina's invitation to a club]

Betty: We have models coming at 4:00
Daniel: That's nice... girl models, right?

Just wanted to let you know that Nick left. Something about cheerleading finals on TV... and cocaine

Amanda [to Alexis]

Betty, you're addicted! If he was crack you would sell your nephew for a bag of him

Christina [to Betty about Daniel]

Wilhelmina [about Bradford]: He patted my hand!
Marc: Well maybe that's foreplay
Wilhelmina: In a nursing home

Nick Pepper: Where do they keep the menus?
Amanda: Uh, do I look like I eat?
Nick Pepper: Well some of us do and have to work late. You would understand if you had something to do besides putting on lipstick
Amanda: Oh, and some of us should look into powdering our brown nose

Becks: Where's everybody going? I didn't miss the party did I?
Betty: Oh no, there is no party. Daniel is in a meeting with two models
Becks: Add Becks and you get a party

[Betty and Christina walk by Amanda dressed for the club]
Amanda: Oh look, its Scary Bradshaw and a side of potatoes
Christina: Guess what Amanda, Betty wears the same size shoe as you

Betty: Am I dressed right for the club?
Christina: Yes if you're auditing them

Marc [about Nick Pepper]: He hasn't even been here long enough for us to figure out why we hate him
Amanda: I know why, because he's a suck up and he won't sleep with me
Marc: Me neither
[Marc knocks on wood]

Ugly Betty Season 1 Episode 19 Quotes

Quincy Combs: You are feisty
Betty: And I bite too
Quincy: Do not underestimate me. You may be the beast that guards the gates, but I have taken down kings, presidents, the electric car! Daniel Meade doesn't stand a chance against me.

Wow they're even bigger than I remember!
[Amanda corrects eyebrows in sketch]