Pete: You're like really really old, with a lot more reallys. What are you like a Vampire?
Professor Sutton: Oh please, vampires are for gothic novels.

Claudia: Holy metaphor, Artie's brain is...
Steve: the warehouse. I can't say I'm surprise.
Claudia: I figured it had to either be this or a magical land made entirely of doughnuts.

Steve: Wait, Pete and Myka get a dagger and we get a plague? Why don't we stop being the B-Team?
Claudia: We are not the B-Team fool, we are the second A-Team.

Stop. You had me at you'll be dead.


I'm definitely going to be one of those agents that go crazy.


Claudia: Permission to save my brother?
Artie: Go. Save.

Steve: How did you get this in here?
Mrs. Frederick: No one touches my purse.

Oh my God my sister tried to poison me.


Tell them to name something after me. Not a mall.


Pete, oh my God, did you explode? Did you melt?


Pete: Myka, are you hurt?
Myka: Well not physically, but next Thanksgiving might be a little problematic.

Now that's a purple heart.