Steve: I want to let it go, I really do, but I don't know how.
Claudia: I don't know; maybe do what your mom does. Maybe think about Olivia.

Emma: No I have to forgive him every day, again and again, over and over. Every single day of my life I have to let go of my anger.
Steve: How do you do that? Mom, cause I sure as hell can't.
Emma: I think about her. You think about him every day. I think about her because it's what she would do, and I think you know that.

This is not good for your soul. All this hate and anger is not good for you.


Myka: Listen, when Cody hit you, I think that I saw something.
Pete: All I saw were stars oh and little birds.

Myka: You sure you are ok? You still look a little woozy.
Pete: That's my look.

Artie: Alright. Then what is it? What's the evil?
Mrs. Frederic: Have you considered the man that keeps bringing artifacts back into the world? The one who's trying to kill the people you care about? That, this Brother Adrian, is the evil.

Arthur is very busy. You're grown agents, handle it!

Mrs. Frederic

Artie: You can't tell anyone.
HG Wells: I already have.
Artie: Oh my god, what have you done?
HG Wells: I shared my suspension with Mrs. Fredrick.

Artie, if there's one subject I am rather a world class expert on its time travel.

HG Wells

Artie: I was afraid you were buried alive again.
Claudia: What?
Artie: uh what?
Claudia: Again?
Artie: Why do you always listen to me when I don't want you to?

Claudia: Breath Obi-Wan, we heard you.
Steve: We found a trip wire, so we tripped it - on purpose.

Steve: What does this guy look like?
Artie: Well, look at this place. If you see any other human being, it's probably him.