Jackson: My father always said one day said that the animals would reclaim the planet. He made sure that his TX gas formula would help them do that.
Jamie: Yeah, by eliminating us.
Jackson: My father just ended the world.

My real name is Edward Robert Collins, but I always wanted to be Logan, because of Wolverine.


I don't want to see him. I mean it. He said he would save the animals, and he didn't.


He knew. When he told us to leave the lab, he knew the hybrids were there.


I'm trying to get this fence working, but I've got a pack of wolfish things outside the door, and it's not looking too good for me.


Abe: When did you start paying attention?
Logan: I'm smarter than I look.
Dariela: You'd have to be just to hold a fork.

Jamie: For a mercenary, you have the pain threshold of a first grader.
Jackson: Mercenary?
Logan: Is that all you think I am?

Dariela: So, what's next?
Jackson: I don't know. But to be honest, not knowing feels pretty good.

I never got the chance to say this to your mother, so at least let me say it to you. I thought that I knew best. Truth be told, lying here in this chair, dying, fluids draining from my body and it's an animal apocalypse that I may be partially responsible for, I still think that I know best. That's my arrogance. The same arrogance that assured me that I could save all of us, that you and your mom would finally understand and come back to me. But instead I almost lost both of you. Jackson, I thank God that I finally had the chance to make it right. If not with your mother, then at least with you.


Sergeant, we are not going to kill all of the world's animals if there isn't a way to bring them back.


Reese: Oh, Lucy and I got this.
Dariela: You named your crossbow. That's quirky.

Davies: What is this a laser pointer? How pathetically appropriate.
Mitch: He called my bluff.
Jamie: It wasn't a bluff! [truck explodes]
Davies: You just killed the Noah Objective.

Zoo Season 2 Quotes

Alright. If I won all of you in a raffle, I'd probably give you back to the guy who won second place. Although, he probably woundn't want you either. Nor would he want me, because I've been behaving like an irrational five-year-old. As to why we're being raffled off in the first place, I can't really...look. What I'm trying to say is we don't get to choose our families. For better for worse, we're pretty much family now. We've got work to do, so let's do it.


Jackson: The mutation isn't contagious, OK. It can't spread to humans. We know that.
Chloe: Maybe we don't know as much as we thought.