Teresa: There’s only one person who profits off of us at war.
Marcel: The judge.
Teresa: The only way for people like him to stay in power is to keep people like us at each other’s throats.
Marcel: Slavemaster mentality. Ain’t a new thing around here.

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Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 6: "La Mujer En El Espejo"
Queen of the South
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Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes, Queen of the South Quotes
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Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

I’d love to think that that hurricane you came in with was all about my undeniable sex appeal, unfortunately for my ego, I know better.


What your father had to do, what everyone in this life is forced to do…look at me…you can never come back from. Whoever you thought you were, that dies. You don’t want this.

Teresa [to Tony]