Carlita: Atlas is a lifelong commitment, but it's for something greater than oneself, and once you give yourself to it, you're in it for as long as you can be of use. Because going into each new mission there are only two acceptable outcomes: a successful mission or death. You don't stop until you reach one. That's just how it is. If you're a true believer, at least.
Harris: Guess you're not a true believer then. Otherwise, why would you be here?

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Shooter Season 3 Episode 7: "Swing Vote"
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Shooter Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Atlas Man: Where are you with the card?
Red: It's gotten complicated.
Atlas Man: You know who has it?
Red: Swagger and his merry band of assholes.

Bob Lee: Thought you might really be gone this time.
Nadine: It crossed my mind too.