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The team is ready to put together a plan to find Nadine, but she comes into the shed four hours after she was taken. 

The woman who took Nadine tells her that she wants Atlas too. She tells Nadine that Gregson protected her more than she realizes. She also tells her that she could get her, Bob Lee, and Isaac on kidnapping, killing, and a number of other things based on their excursions. She takes the decryption card. 

The woman Margo works with the DOJ. 

Bama speaks to one of the heads of Atlas who happens to be the chief of staff for POTUS. He wants Swagger to be put to rest so they can continue on with their plan. Bama sends Junior to bribe Sam and Swagger to drop the Earl investigation and the case. Sam refuses. 

Sam heads to the court in search of a judge who died years ago. Julie was called in because he was acting erratic. Sam tells Julie that he's dying and his memories are going. 

Nadine heads to Gregson's house and finds a secret compartment with more information. While in the car with Carlita, Harris asks her about Atlas and grows suspicious when she stills talks about it fondly. 

Bob Lee and Isaac go to talk to Catherine at the Psych facility. A guard alerts someone from Atlas that they are there. She tells them that she volunteered to be there instead of being killed or offing herself. She eventually tells them that Atlas had a plan decades in the making to get one of their own into the supreme court as the swing vote to change the entire structure as the most powerful person in the nation. 

Someone comes and kills her in front of them before she can say anymore. 

They are all at the bunker when Bama tracks them down due to their connection to Carlita. He tells the chief of staff and goes in with backup. When they refuse to come out a shootout and fight commences. They're able to escape with the decryption card. 

Bob Lee calls Julie to warn her about Red Bama. She tells him that the case is already filed against them. 

Bob Lee and Nadine meetup with Margo the DOJ agent and Nadine asks her what was the point of their mission that she could have done herself. Margo shares with them all the faces and people behind Atlas including the president's chief of staff. 

Junior heads to Sam to lay down more threats. He beats the man bloody and when Julie catches him, he attacks her too. They fight, and he eventually runs off. She calls 911 for Sam. 

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Shooter Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Atlas Man: Where are you with the card?
Red: It's gotten complicated.
Atlas Man: You know who has it?
Red: Swagger and his merry band of assholes.

Bob Lee: Thought you might really be gone this time.
Nadine: It crossed my mind too.