This is all that remains of our home. Our people. Every ancestor. All one dust.... They died unwitnessed, unsaved. We were too late to grieve or honor them. But we, who returned, gave up 100 generations to sift, to remember the lost dead, the unmourned. In time, it was all we knew. And now we travel beyond, seeking the unacknowledged dead. Across all of time and space. This is now the Thijarian mission -- to bear witness to those alone. To see. To bear pain, honor life as it passes.


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Doctor Who Season 11 Episode 6: "Demons of the Punjab"
Doctor Who
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Doctor Who Season 11 Episode 6 Quotes

The Doctor: It's a risk.
Graham: Oh, like none of our other trips have ever been risky.
The Doctor: I have apologized for the Death Eye Turtle Army! Profusely.

I was the first woman married in Pakistan. Now, look at me, in a wheelchair. Being fed shop-bought cake.

Nani Umbreen