The Professor: Tonight, you turn.
Josh: Yes, I know. And I would not like to do it down here, with you, sir.
The Professor: That's why they brought you here. It's a dog fight, son.They watch you turn, they drool over your tortures. They bet money on who will rip who to shreds.
Josh: You're serious.
The Professor: The winner keeps fighting; trapped the other 29 days of the month.
Josh: And the loser?
The Professor: The loser dies.
Josh: So where's the other guy? They keep him locked in an isolation room with a piece of raw meat or something?
The Professor: For the last 15 years, they've kept me here.

Being Human Season 1 Episode 10: "Dog Eat Dog"
Being Human
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Being Human Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

The Professor: You're a werewolf son, for them this is sport.
Josh: Vampires?
The Professor: Of course. They call me The Professor.
Josh: Well that's nice. You've been down here for a while, you've got yourself a little nickname.

Rebecca: He was the closest thing I'll ever have to a son. The closest thing I'll ever have to sharing my blood.
Aidan: I'm sorry.