Man: That's not a normal calf, right?
Will: No, it's swollen. And you didn't injure it?
Man: No, nothing. Went to bed and it was normal, woke up and it's a grapefruit.
Will: Press against my hand. 1 to 10, how bad's the pain?
Man: Maybe a 7 or 8.
Will: That's in line with what I'm thinking. Blood clot. It's called a DVT. Deep vein thrombosis.
Man: Seriously? Me? I exercise a few times a week, I don't sit for long periods of time.
Will: Unfortunately, not fitting the profile doesn't mean you can't develop one.

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Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 5: "Got A Friend in Me"
Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Just remember there's an actual person on the table, not just a body.


Natalie: I'll do the intake then pass it off to Terry. This has med student written all over it.
Will: No no no. Lanic wants you to take it.
Natalie: I have charts from pediatrics to catch up on.
Will: I'll take care of it.
Natalie: Are you kidding? I am late because traffic sucked, not because of my TBI.