We all have our reasons for rewriting history. Sometimes we need to provide ourselves alibis...(shot of Andrew talking with his friends) Sometimes we wanna hurt someone who has hurt us...(shot of Gaby with her lawyer talking on the phone) And then there are times we just wanna spare ourselves embarrassment... (shot of Lynette talking with other ladies about Parker living the team) Of course, there are some who feel that to rewrite history is just another way to lie... (shot of Howard's wife talking about her husband working late) But what is history anyway... (shot of Mike and Edie at the hospital) but a set of lies agreed upon?

Mary Alice

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Mary Alice Young
Desperate Housewives Season 3 Episode 4: "Like It Was"
Desperate Housewives
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Desperate Housewives Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Lynette: So if Tom was cheating, you wouldn't tell me?
Gabrielle: No! But I would hire someone to beat the crap out of him.
Lynette: Aww, you're sweet.

Edie: Ah, here's the picture that you took of me in my bikini at that pool party. You could've warned me I was showing a little nip. Oh, Susan Mayer. Remember her?
Mike: Yeah. She's pretty.
Edie: Yeah, she is, sort of, in this picture. Is there a date on this thing?
Mike: The nurses said that she visited me a lot. We were close, huh?
Edie: You have just come out of a coma. Can we not talk about Susan till you start to regain your strength?
Mike: Why?
Edie: Oh, God. I hate to be the one telling you this.
Mike: Well, if you don't want to...
Edie: That tramp treated you like dirt. She strung you along. She slept with other guys. You broke up with her twice.
Mike: Well, why did she keep visiting me when I was out of it?
Edie: Well, she's a bit of a stalker. I was worried that she was gonna come in here and disconnect one of the tubes or something. But don't worry. She's glommed on to some new guy, and she's up in the mountains at his place with him right now.
Mike: Wow. She told the nurses that she really loved me?
Edie: That's the one thing about Susan that you must not forget. She is a liar.