Kelsey: We just lost Millennial. Everything’s going back to Empirical now.
Liza: Wait, what?
Kelsey: Yeah, the board just voted on the name change, so everything we worked for is gone, including my relationship. God, I should have just never stayed. My instincts are just terrible.
Liza: OK, that’s not true. You’re instincts are great. They’ve gotten you this far, and Millennial, it’s just a name.
Kelsey: A name of something we built.
Liza: We are still building something. Don’t get stuck on labels. The only thing that matters is the books.

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Younger Season 7 Episode 1: "A Decent Proposal"
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Younger Season 7 Episode 1 Quotes

Kelsey: Do you think it’s a mistake to go back to Millennial?
Lauren: And piss of a bipolar billionaire that agreed to fund your company? Of course not.
Josh: I think Clare’s trying to kidnap Gemma.
Kelsey and Lauren: What?
Josh: Yeah, she just texted me. She wants me to sign off on an expedited passport so she can take Gemma to Ireland to meet the family. Do you think I should be worried?
Lauren: Yes.
Kelsey: No, it’s perfectly normal that Clare would want Gemma to meet her family.
Lauren: OK, and since when has there ever been anything normal about Clare?
Josh: Maybe I should just go to Ireland. Just in case to be safe.
Kelsey: So you are freaking out about turning 30. I have to go screw over a mercurial billionaire, but you win.
Josh: Wait, you’re turning 30?

Charles: Well, I think I got my answer.
Liza: The answer is I love you, but technically you’re not even divorced yet.
Charles: Yeah, that’s true.
Liza: I also think you might be a little drunk.
Charles: Absolutely buzzed, and you’re avoiding the question.
Liza: It is the most beautiful question I have ever heard, but I have a daughter I need to talk to, and you have to speak to your girls as well. We don’t have to rush. I’m not going anywhere.
Charles: Fine, you know how I feel. Sometimes I can be impatient when I know what I want, but I understand. So you can consider the proposal officially withdrawn.
Liza: Wait, are you un-asking me to marry you?
Charles: Yep, so that when you’re ready, you can pop the question.