Amy: Look, we don't need an HR rep hanging around here auditing us, writing everyone up for all the little things I let slide. Like, visible tattoos, and the pictures you put in your lockers, and unbuttoning your pants at lunch.
Marcus: To let air in so the mold doesn't come back. It's called hygiene!

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Superstore Season 5 Episode 19: "Carol's Back"
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Superstore Season 5 Episode 19 Quotes

Amy: This isn't a joke. She finished her therapy and she's been cleared to come back to work.
Dina: So, after everything she's done she can just waltz back in here and wear the blue vest. The only vest she should be wearing is one with black and white stripes.
Amy: Like a referee?
Dina: No, like a jail vest. Like, a vest you wear in jail.

Sandra: Oh, you think I should apologize?
Carol: Well, you almost made me kill my cat.
Sandra: I did that?
Carol: You stole Jerry from me, you rubbed your wedding in my face for months, and then you asked me to be your maid of honor? i mean, that was just cruel.
Sandra: You told me I had to.
Carol: I don't know, Amy. It seems like she's not ready to take responsibility.