What do I do about Mateo? Do I tell him? What would I even say? Heads up, Michael's back, but now he goes by Jason and he calls me ma'am. Ma'am. Why does he call me ma'am? I'm twenty-nine-years-old. Do I look like a fricking ma'am to you? Well, if I do it's his fault. Because I aged when he died. Because life was really hard, and I was really sad. And I had to go to grief support groups. And I don't know why I'm yelling because he didn't do anything wrong and it's not his fault! The point is no, I am not telling him. I can't tell Mateo. He won't handle it as well as I am.


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Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Quotes
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Jane the Virgin Quotes

Jane: Oh, I'm no good at this stuff. So, instead of telling you the reasons that I love you, I'm going to tell you the reasons that I don't. I don't love you because you're smart and kind. I don't love you because you're hardworking and competitive and way too defensive.
Michael: I'm not defensive.
Jane: I don't love you because you're incredibly sexy. I love you because you're my best friend and I want to grow old with you. And right now, I am confused about every single thing in my life, except you.

Rafael: No, I really think we've met.
Jane: I don't usually wear clam shells.
Rafael: Oh, the strip club on Piscayne?
Jane: Jerk.