Marissa: Defense counsel asks that the court grant a continuance until such time as we’ve been able to…
Wackner: You’re defense counsel. Why do you refer to yourself in the third-person?
Marissa: I’m not actually licensed to practice law.
Wackner: I’m not actually licensed to be a judge, so we’re in the same boat. Mr. Schultz, please call your first witness.
Attorney Schlutz: Ready, your honor.
Marissa: Wait, can I object?
Wackner: Overruled. Mr. Schultz, go ahead.
Marissa: Let me call the real lawyer. I’m not her lawyer.
Wackner: What’s your name?
Marissa: Marissa.
Wackner: Marissa, you understand the issues in this case?
Marissa: Uh-huh.
Wackner: You believe in your client?
Marissa: Yeah.
Wackner: You have the summons?
Marissa: Yeah, here.
Wackner: What else you need? Let’s go.

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The Good Fight Season 5 Episode 2: "Once there was a court..."
The Good Fight
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The Good Fight Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

Diane: We need a continuance on Toni Hedger’s case.
Marissa: Really? I get to argue a continuance?
Diane: No, you get to accompany Phoebe who will argue the continuance, and you get to hold the client’s hand.

David Lee: That’s right. They’re letting you play lawyer, Marissa. How nice.
Marissa: Fucking prick.