Maia: Greek alphabet, huh. Who knew dating a college boy would come in handy?
Simon: Oh no...
Maia: What...was it the word "dating"?
Simon: No, no, it was the word "college". I mean, I haven't been in school in forever. Classes started a week ago and my mom already paid the meal plan, and I don't eat anymore so she's out like three grand. And then...wait...are we dating?
Maia: Would that be a bad thing?
Simon: No. I just, things like going to class and boyfriend/girlfriend, they feel very...
Maia: Mundane.
Simon: Yeah.
Maia: Considering how insane everything's been...
Simon: We should just stick with, "I like you and you like me."
Maia: But what if I "like" like you?

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Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 19: "Hail and Farewell"
Alberto Rosende
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Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

Raphael: I'm truly sorry for everything. Our worlds turn against each's not quite how I pictured our paths would cross again.
Isabelle: How did you picture it?
Raphael: I made a mistake, Isabelle. And whatever there is between us, it's not just about craving each other's blood.
Isabelle: I know...I know.
Raphael: Well, if there's any good at being at the brink of war, it's being able to stand in front of you.

Seelie Queen: For far too long, the Downworld has depended on the Clave, and your Institute, to protect us from men like Valentine. It's time we learned our lesson and started fighting for ourselves.
Alec: We can't do this alone. Valentine is a threat to all of us.
Seelie Queen: The answer, Shadowhunters, is no.