Jane: So, what I was trying to say is that I rescheduled the movers for later today. Because I want to move in with you now. Not in a few weeks, not when things settle down because things never seem to settle down. And I also wanted to say thank you. Because when I think about what you did bringing Michael back, and how selfless that is, and how selfless you have been throughout this, and every day for the past four years, I love you Rafael, and I know it feels like everything's changed but it didn't. Not that.
Rafael: We are going to get through this.
Jane: We are.
Narrator: Which, of course, was the story they were telling themselves.

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Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Quotes
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Jane the Virgin Quotes

In English, in honor of today, I am overwhelmed by the love and support in this room. As I studied for my citizenship exam, I learned about 'E pluribus unum," "out of many, one." It is said that it originated by the famous Roman writer Cicero about family and friends. When each person loves the other, as much as herself, it makes one out of many. And as I look around this room, I understand what he meant. Out of many, one. You are all part of my journey. I spent so many years, worrying about being separated from all of you. And I am so grateful that I will never have to worry about that again.


Jane: Who knew there was this crazy business helping people with their college essays? Are you kidding me? That's like a fun Saturday.
Narrator: Only for you Jane. Only for you.