Jessica: We're here because Nick wants to confess to killing Tommy Diehl, and the FBI has both of us under surveillance.
Bobby: Jesus Christ!
Jessica: I take it that's a reaction to the
survelliance since you knew about Diehl.
Bobby: Where is he?
Jessica: He's ready to turn himself in, Mr. Mayor.
Bobby: Goddamnit! He can't do that!
Jessica: Why not? Because you're the one who killed him? Your brother is ready to go to prison for you.
Bobby: I heard you.
Jessica: Well then do something about it!

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Pearson Season 1 Episode 10: "The Fixer"
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Pearson Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Bobby: Are you filing for divorce?
Stephanie: I said we could talk about that later.
Bobby: Goddamn it! If you're going to play games --
Stephanie: Games?
Bobby: That's right, Steph. File or don't file. I'm not going to let you use it to lead me around by the balls.
Stephanie: You're lashing out at the wrong person. I am not the one who has been neutering you all these years

They used to call me psycho. Like, in a loving way, like psycho because I nearly killed a kid when I was 14, bashed his head in with a brick. After I saw what I did to that kid, I swore I wouldn't hurt anyone again. But he knew people were scared of me, and he used it. That's why when he wanted to get rid of Diehl, he told his buddy Pete to have his flunky son do it. But he knew it would go sideways. He didn't care, and now I find out he's got a tape. I should have killed him years ago.