Eddie: Look, I am sure you've had your share of struggles, but we are not the same. For one, you chose to be a woman, I did not choose to be in this chair.
Jackie: Wow. So many mistakes with what you just said. What I chose was to be myself, so you were right, accidentally. But what I didn't choose was to be born in a man's body. All the pressure that you're facing to be the husband, and dad, and friend they think you should be, or even worse, you think you should be, you need to put that all aside because you're never going to be that guy. But maybe like me, there's a beautiful person inside. You just have to find her and let her out.

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A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 10: "Trust Me"
A Million Little Things
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A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Gary: Your guitar teacher had you wear a swimsuit during the lesson.
Sophie: Yes, but it was to help me build confidence.
Gary: And he filmed it.
Sophie: Yes, so I could see the progress. He's done it with other students and, you're obviously not going to get this.
Gary: No, no, no.
Sophie: I don't want to talk about it just leave.
Gary: I'm just trying to understand.
Sophie: Please just get out. Get OUT!

Peter: Ms. Dixon, what is your song about?
Sophie: It's about my dad. It's about how he left. It's about how he left without saying goodbye, and how he died before I became who I was gonna be, and how a part of me is afraid to become a new person because maybe secretly I think I'll run into him again, and if I do I want to make sure he recognizes me.
Peter: If you don't play that every single time you come on stage, then don't get on stage.