10K: Doc's fine. Just some nerve gas or something. I'm fine too, thanks for asking.
Murphy: I wasn't.
10K: Yeah, I noticed.

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Z Nation Season 4 Episode 5: "The Unknowns"
Z Nation
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Z Nation Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Lucy: Warren?
Warren: Yes, sweetheart.
Lucy: Do you feel them?
Warren: Yes, but not like you.

Warren: What's going on? What is this place?
Stranger: You don't know? How long have you been here?
Warren: I just got here.
Stranger: Great-fresh meat. Just my luck.
Warren: How long you been here?
Stranger: You lose track of time here-a month maybe?
Warren: I was with five others. Something happened-that sound. And then I passed out.
Stranger: You can't fight the sound. Just do what they want.
Warren: What who wants?
Stranger: No one knows. Just kill anything that moves, and stay out of my way.
Warren: Don't worry.