Kabir: What's going on, Grace?
Grace: What, you don't know how a booty call works?
Kabir: Of course I do. Jesus. Are you angry with me?
Grace: No. Yes. Maybe. I don't know.
Kabir: This is the first time this has felt like, like and affair. It feels dirty.
Grace: Yeah, for you. Whatever, I gotta go.
Kabir: Okay, fine. The whole situation is messed up.
Grace: Yeah, it is. And guess what? You don't get to have the girlfriend experience when you've got a fiancée at home. So for us, dirty is where it's at.

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Nurses Season 1 Episode 4: "Chrysalis"
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Nurses Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Tenzin: Can you do me an immense favor?
Wolf: Anything. I'm here for you all day.
Tenzin: I worked in palliative care for many years with my brothers at the monastery. We used ritual to travel consciously to death. I hoped to return home to die, but time is not on my side. I will die today.
Wolf: Hey, you can't, you can't know that for sure.
Tenzin: I have seen it enough to know. The aura of death is upon me. My brothers will bring the ritual tea and I will go on a trip.
Wolf: A trip?
Tenzin: Inward. Psilocybin is the main ingredient.
Wolf: Shrooms?
Tenzin: We've used it for centuries, but it's misunderstood here.
Wolf: Also, you know, it's not legal.
Tenzin: Will you protect me from interference so that I may have a good death?

Grace: There are times in life where we have to choose to act, or not. The higher the stakes, the harder the choice.
Wolf: No! No!
Grace: Nurses face that every day.
Wolf: No! No! Please don't do it, sir! Let's talk a bit. My name's Wolf. What's your name?
Tenzin: Tenzin. I came here for a final breath of fresh air.
Wolf: Right, Tenzin. Please step off, okay? Come on.
Tenzin: My goodness, what is that? (Laughs) How wonderful to get such an omen. What a beautiful day to die.