Ichabod: I'm here to save you. Though it appears Sutton is in greater need.
Abbie: Better late than never. What made you come back?
Ichabod: I viewed a moving picture, in which you and I attempted to create a still picture.
Abbie: A selfie.
Ichabod: Yes, as you said. Everything you said is true; we're partners.
Abbie: More than that, we're friends.

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Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 18: "Tempus Fugit"
Sleepy Hollow
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Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

Abbie: You're even on the hundred dollar bill.
Franklin: A hundred! How about that Ichabod, a hundred dollar bill? What is Jefferson on?
Abbie: Two dollar bill.
Franklin: The two? The two, does anyone even use the two? Sounds cumbersome.
Ichabod: I think that's quite enough, thank you.
Franklin: No it is not. We're standing in front of a woman who's two centuries ahead of us; brilliant, educated, well spoken. What is your profession?
Abbie: Ah Sheriff Detective.
Franklin: Officer of the law, Ichabod. Everything we're striving for here. Fighting with our dying breath to create for this country. A free land of opportunity for all Ms. Abigail Mills represents. She is the American Dream.

Ichabod: You have no tangible information; good day.
Abbie: The Horseman is not working alone. He has an ally now, one equally as dangerous. A woman, to make sure you die on that battlefield.