One of the main reasons you watch this series if for the Sleepy Hollow quotes. We all know it. Ichabod Crane is ridiculously quotable and we have his best here.

Jenny: So it's over?
Abbie: This part is over. Grace told me that this war is not over.
Jenny: Grace?
Abbie: I wish you were there. She told me that the most crucial battles are still ahead of us. This is why we're here, all of us together. Whatever is next, we're there for each other.

Ichabod: It will be a pleasure to make your acquaintance all over again Ms. Mills. Yes?
Abbie: It's just, you don't speak to me so formally in the future.
Ichabod: Then what would you prefer?
Abbie: Lieutenant.
Ichabod: Well leftenant, let us change the course of history... again.

Ichabod: I'm here to save you. Though it appears Sutton is in greater need.
Abbie: Better late than never. What made you come back?
Ichabod: I viewed a moving picture, in which you and I attempted to create a still picture.
Abbie: A selfie.
Ichabod: Yes, as you said. Everything you said is true; we're partners.
Abbie: More than that, we're friends.

Abbie: You're even on the hundred dollar bill.
Franklin: A hundred! How about that Ichabod, a hundred dollar bill? What is Jefferson on?
Abbie: Two dollar bill.
Franklin: The two? The two, does anyone even use the two? Sounds cumbersome.
Ichabod: I think that's quite enough, thank you.
Franklin: No it is not. We're standing in front of a woman who's two centuries ahead of us; brilliant, educated, well spoken. What is your profession?
Abbie: Ah Sheriff Detective.
Franklin: Officer of the law, Ichabod. Everything we're striving for here. Fighting with our dying breath to create for this country. A free land of opportunity for all Ms. Abigail Mills represents. She is the American Dream.

Ichabod: You have no tangible information; good day.
Abbie: The Horseman is not working alone. He has an ally now, one equally as dangerous. A woman, to make sure you die on that battlefield.

Ichabod: You've not learned a thing since Moloch dragged you from your fetid box.
Henry: Moloch was self-righteous and self-serving like you. He abandoned me just as you did.
Ichabod: I did not abandon you, Henry. I did not even know you existed.
Ichabod: You've not learned a thing since Moloch dragged you from your fetid box.
Henry: Moloch was self-righteous and self-serving like you. He abandoned me just as you did.
Ichabod: I did not abandon you, Henry. I did not even know you existed.

I recall there were two witnesses in the book of revelation. We've been here before, you bare your teeth then you back down. You don't have what it takes to do violence to your only son.


Katrina: I am sorry it took me so long to see the truth. The idea that a mortal man and I could truly make a life together.
Ichabod: Be wary, what you say now can not be unsaid.
Katrina: In a way, it is a relief to finally be able to speak it.

General Washington made a pact with our coven. If we helped win the war, witches would finally reintegrate into society. A promise he reneged on and one that must be reconciled at any cost.


Abbie: If we're dealing with a witch problem, we have to call Katrina.
Ichabod: Since our encounter with the warlock, Solomon Kent, Katrina has been distant; withdrawn.

Ichabod: I had no idea that a man out of time was itself such a time worn literary trope.
Abbie: Oh sure Doctor Who, Connecticut Yankee, Marty McFly; the list goes on.
Ichabod: Here I thought I was rather unique.
Abbie: Don't worry, you're the only one in the non-fiction section.

Franklin choked with envy when he saw it.

Sleepy Hollow quotes are one of the highlights of the series. You don't believe me? Have you watched Sleepy Hollow? Tom Mison as Ichabod Crane whips out Sleepy Hollow quotes noting historical names and their quirks with stunning speed. Ichabodisms about the differences between his own time and our time are laugh out loud funny. Nichole Beharie as Abbie Mills meets him note for note and their sarcastic banter has cemented their friendship by one of the quickest routes. Their verbal volleys entertain and inform viewers and leave other characters shaking and scratching their heads in amusement and confusion. Sleepy Hollow quotes can be about Ichabod's inability to understand the new world he lives in or they can be incredibly insightful thoughts from Abbie about their roles as witnesses and what it means to them and the world they're trying to protect. Make sure you tune in every week because we capture all the best Sleepy Hollow quotes with each episode that airs. They're listed by episode and by character so you never have to wonder who said what or when. You can share quotes with your friends via social media because each individual quote has it's own URL -- the perfect way for you to let everyone know about what tickled your funny bone or moved your heart.

Sleepy Hollow Quotes

Abbie: Who is he? When's the last time you saw him?
Ichabod: When I cut off his head.

Police Detective: Do you admit to cutting off his head, yes or no?
Ichabod: Nooo. First I shot him, then he rose back up. Cutting off his head seemed the next logical step.