Ethan: You know what I am?
Vanessa: Yes, and here I stand. Sir Malcolm is going to Africa. This dreadful house will soon be empty. We can lock the doors and walk away forever.
Ethan: There's no walking away from what I am.
Vanessa: What we both are. I have run from the darkness for so long. Only to find myself in a place darker still. Walk with me.

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Penny Dreadful Season 2 Episode 10: "And They Were Enemies"
Penny Dreadful
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Penny Dreadful Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Caliban: You have the engines of the future all around you.
Lily: The needle. The scalpel. The noose.
Mina: The gun to the temple.
Gladys: Take your razor and slit your throat.
Peter: Join your family.
Mina: The final tombstone on the hill.
Lily: A sip of poison from the amber bottle.
Gladys: A single bullet under the chin.
Caliban: There is no other peace for thee, Frankenstein.
Proteus: Walk into the river. Let it bring you quiet. Enjoy our company.

Vanessa: And all of this; the witches, the attacks, just to bring me here.
Lucifer: I've missed you Vanessa.
Vanessa: No, no you need me to agree. You can't take my soul. I have to give it.
Lucifer: You must give it freely, and of your own accord.