Sonny: Look, man, I...
Clay: I've made peace with the cost of this job, but I did not sign up to get killed over your pity party.
Sonny: Never asked you to come and save me. Nearly orphaning your son, that's on you.
Clay: What about Leanne? She's out of Vah Beach, but she's not out of your life. But you're just gonna just throw in the towel on her?
Sonny: Oh, we can't all be as lucky as you, Clay, with the white picket fence, okay?
Clay: Oh, wow. Lucky? Yeah, you know what? I'm-I'm fucking-- I'm really lucky, man. I've never held my son. He was, he was ripped away from us at birth, stuck with a bunch of tubes, and he's been fighting for his life all alone. I can only pray that he gets the same shot at life that Leanne got. And for being so brave, his reward was nearly losing his dad because of your fucking pathetic ass.
Sonny: I'm sorry, Cl-Clay. I didn't-- That's, like, a tough go for your son, and I...
Clay: You know what, just-- Sonny, shut up. I'm done, I'm done with your-your bullshit, man. I'm done.

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SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 12: "Keys to Heaven"
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SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

Clay: Hey, you know what I've noticed? All of my shifts, either on watch or leave, now line up with one of you two. You want to explain that?
Ray: Just managing the workload, brother.
Clay: Bullshit. Both of you are looking for ways to look over my shoulder, isn't that it?
Clay: It's not like that.
Ray: It's not like that? If you don't think I can lead this team, you tell it to my face right now, Ray. Go ahead. Tell it to my face. Straight up. What? He get in your ear, you listen to him?
Ray: We're just watching your back.
Jason: Yeah. While sharpening your knives. After everything we've been through, you trust that little shit more than me?
Ray: Jace, look, man, it's killing me to say this, but... you're compromised, man, and you're putting the team at risk.
Jason: Because this guy here-- he's still bitching about the probe in North Korea?
Clay: No.
Jason: No?
Clay: Because you brought that building down on us in Mali.
Ray: Did not. Bullshit. Enemy did that, and you know that.
Clay: You and I found an EOD hazard when we were clearing. Told me to mark it, and then you forgot, right? You had the GIGN just set a charge right on it.
Ray: Just want what's best for you and for the team, brother.
Jason: I'm what's best for this team. I'm what's best for this team! What, are you gonna go to Command?
Ray: No.
Jason: It's obvious to me that loyalty and brotherhood are just words to you. You're both a disgrace to the Trident. Both of you.

20 years of combat, and all the ways I could've gone out. Command taking my bird is the worst way it could end.