Bobby: You need to get place with there's no sexual desire left whatsoever.
Andy: I can probably do that, if I spend a little a private time with you know myself.
Bobby: There's nothing wrong with making shower babies. It's not a sin if you're doing it for love.

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Bobby Cobb, Andy Torres
Cougar Town Season 1 Episode 19: "Everything Man"
Cougar Town
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Cougar Town Season 1 Episode 19 Quotes

Jules: I can't believe your school makes you do photography projects. It's like they cater to the weird, artsy fartsy kids.
Travis: I started the photography club.
Jules: Cool.
Travis: Nice save.

Jules: I cannot wait for this bathroom to be done. In fact, put it in your calenders because I'm going to have a bathroom warming party.
Grayson: Can I bring Sarah to what sounds like the worst party ever?