Bass: No need to puff your chest in front of my family.
Sherrill: Just so we’re clear. I would have done One Charlie the same way, not think twice about it if it meant it was you and I walking away from there with air in our lungs.
Bass: And I’m not lookin’ to take anything back, either.
Sherrill: Christ, Bass. You are the most earnest man I have ever met, which is likely to get you killed one day. You got sand for this. Most men don’t.
Bass: What you saying?
Sherrill: I had a revelation if you will, and I took some of your earnestness to Judge Parker.
Bass: And?
Sherrill: And he wants to make you a Goddamned Deputy US Marshal. You think you can handle the weight of the badge?
Bass: I know I can.

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Bass Reeves, Sherrill Lynn
Lawmen: Bass Reeves Season 1 Episode 2: "Part II"
Lawmen: Bass Reeves
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Lawmen: Bass Reeves Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Jennie: A gun is just a thing. A tool, an instrument. What matters is who plays it and you, Gabriel.
Bass: Honey, you only seen me shooting wild turkeys and feral hogs.
Jennie: Without a bullet wasted.

Bass: You suppose I did something to make the Almighty angry?
Jennie: He just teachin’ ya.
Bass: That I ain’t a farmer?
Jennie: Or that it’s hard and takes patience.
Bass: Patience ain’t gone put money in our pocket. [pause] I ain’t about to quit this.