Khlyen: You're the reason I'm back in her life.
D'avin: Bullshit.
Khlyen: When she took her first kill warrant, I knew she was ready to return to our work.
D'avin: It's not her fault, Johnny forced her hand.
Khlyen: Ever since then, I've had to watch her put her life in danger over and over to help you and your brother. She needs me back in her life, to protect her from the mediocrity of you. I admire your persistence boy. If things were different I might almost say you're good enough for her.
D'avin: If you're going to kill me, do it.
Khlyen: I tried killing the last one, the husband, and I lost her for six years. No I've got something far more productive in mind for you.

Killjoys Season 1 Episode 10: "Escape Velocity"
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Killjoys Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

D'avin: Okay, what if we say screw all this, get on Lucy and don't look back?
Dutch: The three of us?
D'avin: Yeah, the three of us.
Dutch: I can't, not until I'm done with Khlyen.
D'avin: I know.

Dutch: Khlyen told me something when I was leaving. He said I needed my team, that something was coming. I think he meant to the Quad.
John: Like what?
Dutch: That's all he said.
D'avin: I think maybe you should leave.
John: Maybe. You. Should. Leave.
D'avin: No... I mean both of you. Take Lucy, be a moving target. You stole his shit, he's gonna come looking for you.
Dutch: So we better make sure we're ready for when he does.
D'avin: How?
Dutch: Well first, I need to know everything about Khlyen, Level 6...
D'avin: Red 17?
Dutch: What?
D'avin: Turin brought it up. He said you're on some kind of a list.