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A group of terrorists are hunting down a specific American unit.

Eric and Nicole are in witness protection. They were going to start a family, but Nicole is waiting. She's waiting for him to be OK.

Rebecca Ingram is receiving a congressional medal for stopping a terror cell. No doubt the same cell that are currently being targeted. They were Army Rangers.

Are they aware of what is happening?

Ben Daniels calls Eric with news of the Bin-Kahlils people. Eric sends out an alert to the rest of the team. It's not answered. He sees the men coming into the house. They're after a strongbox.

The only two left are Eric and Grimes. Just before they get ready to kill Eric, Nicole gets out of the attic and saves their lives. She's a little badass.

Carter thinks it it might be Keith, her CTU replacement, who has given them up.

Ben has the strong box.

Some kid named Drew thinks a girl named Amera is going to carry out a terrorist act at their high school.

Eric takes Nicole to his brother, Isaac, who appears to be a thug. She's not ready for that. Nicole is a bone of contention. She was Isaac's girl.

John is thrown for a loop when Rebecca can't go to the fundraiser that is built around her award. But he seems like he's understanding.

The high school teacher is planning the attack with the girl.

Nicole doesn't think Eric can leave the life he had and that's why he's so into what's going on. She's certain it's not PTSD or anything else.

Aisha is going to be trouble.

When Keith Mullins discovers Rebecca is on the CTU system, he checks up on her. Rebecca tases him.

Eric finds Ben. He discovers what's in the box. A list of sleeper cell peeps of people Ben Khalil recruited. If the codes go out they launch attacks all over the country.

Handy that the gizmo fit right into Eric's phone.

After the big tubular fight, Ben's gone and so is the list. Dude thinks he's owed.

The Chechnya girl might be waiting for the list?

Andy and Rebecca have Keith hogtied and in the closet.

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24: Legacy Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

You're right. Running CTU is like a drug. It's hard to come down from.


We're blown. The whole squad.