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Nilaa pleads with John. He knows her family. He knows she's incapable of doing what she's being accused of doing. She's telling the truth, but nobody is listening.

Rebecca threatens Nilaa with the death penalty. John thinks she may really be being set up, but Rebecca doesn't see any good in Nilaa.

Henry gazes out the window as Nilaa is taken to CTU. He tells John he's sorry, but makes no attempt to right the situation.

Ben is freaking out, screaming I can make this right while he's being manhandled into custody.

Nobody cares about Eric's wife and the shit going down with Aisha, but we're forced to suffer through it anyway.

Keith wants to "hit her hard" when it comes to Nilaa. 

Rebecca wants to continue questioning Nilaa, but Keith wants her in the conference room with him to brief somebody about terrorist dude.

At CTU, Rebecca sees Eric and the two embrace. Lots of kudos and thanks all around.

Eric needs to debrief, but he wants to see Ben first.

Mariana assures Andy Keith is looking to get rid of him. Don't screw up.

Rebecca briefs the white house Bin Khalid is preparing an apocalypse. 

Ben suddenly wants to help Eric fix things, things he created in the first place. Eric is skeptical.

Amira calls her brother from the hospital. She doesn't know how to kill Archie. Sadly, his mother checks in with Amira, making the situation a little more contrickly.

One of John's men finds footage of Nilaa shouting down the Imam just like she said she was doing at the questionable mosque.

They whisper and Andy promises to get Rebecca some schematics for Carter.

Isaac gets Nicole out of police custody.

Amira goes in to see Archie, attempting to talk to him, maybe, but when he struggles and attempts to choke her, she kills him.

Henry admits to John what he did and John prepares to turn dad into CTU.

Eric and Ben hit the street.

24: Legacy
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24: Legacy Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

You're not surprised by this? Nilaa supporting terrorists? You know her just as well as I do. How come you're not disoriented by all this?


Ben: I never wanted the terrorists to get the list!
Eric: There was an easy way to do that, Ben. Not steal it from me in the first place!