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At the hotel, the Reverend prays while the security guards strip the holding area.

Jharrel and Keisha hold a series of interviews. First, they question Shanice about her escape. She refuses to answer, citing that they are committing a felony by detaining the returnees.

Next, they bring LaDonna in, but she ends up being the one asking questions.

Mildred is next, stating she doesn't know anything about Shanice's escape. Jharrel tells Keisha to go easy on the kid, but Keisha says that kids can lie, too. Mildred stares at the coffee cup, and it falls over, spilling. Jharrel ends the interview.

Hayden follows. Keisha asks him how he knew about Jharrel's brother. Hayden can't explain it. He says he can't eat the new food.

Next is the Reverend, who insists he's been cooperating. Keisha suggests that he might be the one leaking information to the press. He says he needs to get something to a woman and child. Keisha offers to locate them if he tells her everything he knows about how he got here. 

FLASHBACK: The Reverend leaves his girlfriend Darlene in bed so he can lead a service. She insists that he tell his family that they are having a baby together. She is adamant she cannot have a baby by herself. He assures her that he is with her. His family will just need some convincing.

Back in the present, Jharrel questions Keisha's interrogation methods. Soraya, the tech expert, shows up, telling them Shanice was not working with anyone. Based on the footage, Soraya deduced that Shanice was not prepared to escape, but she took the chance when it presented itself.

Soraya states that none of the returnees know what happened to them, which is consistent with alien encounters, though time travel is more likely. Keisha and Jharrel are skeptical. Soriah asks why Shanice wasn't granted access to her family after being cleared by medical. Keisha decides to visit Logan herself.

Shanice shows up at Logan's house, asking if he will come in to talk to Shanice. He is reluctant to be involved, but Keisha urges him to think of the greater good.

Claudette tries to convince LaDonna to break her finger. Dr. Andre advises against it. Claudette explains that if they test her limits, it might be possible for her to distract the guards and endure any violence they might inflict on her in order to help others escape. Claudette, at last, gets through, and LaDonna breaks her finger. Claudette endures the pain, but her finger quickly heals. 

An alarm sounds, and the returnees gather. The security guards inform them that they are all being fitted with GPS ankle bands. Noah starts to sing, and the security guard threatens him. Shanice goes to his defense, and the guard reprimands her. 

Shanice is taken for questioning again, only to find Logan there. Alone together, they recall a trip they took when Shanice was pregnant. Shanice insists that she didn't leave -- the goodbye note she wrote was a product of post-partum depression. She asks to see Mariah. Logan doesn't want to expose Mariah to the situation just yet. He gets up to go. Shanice asks if he has any other children -- he doesn't. 

The alarm sounds. It's a drill for the returnees to prove that they can "get in line." The security guard dismisses them. Noah asks the Reverend about getting back to Belle Isle. The Reverend is curious about what LaDonna, Andre, and Claudette are up to. Hayden notices Noah eating a Best Time bar.

Keisha realizes the Reverend is making it a campaign among the returnees to head back to Belle Isle but admonishes him for lying, saying he's only doing it for personal gain, not to help anyone else. The Reverend tells Keisha that she can't know what will happen, and at least they will get out for a while.

FLASHBACK: The Reverend leads a church service to an enthusiastic crowd. After, his father praises him for his work. Rev tells his father about Darlene, and his father says she's alright for now, but he needs to find himself a proper wife to support him in his ministry. Rev explains that he feels uncomfortable with the excessive wealth the church takes from its parishioners, but his father insists it's God's will. 

In the present, Mariah confronts Logan about going to see Shanice without telling her. He explains that he's just trying to protect her. Mariah insists that she wants to see Shanice, but Logan refuses to let that happen.

Noah takes Hayden and Mildred to a locked-up stash of Best Time bars. Mildred unlocks the container with her mind, and they take out boxes of the bars. Noah sings the Best Time bars jingle. A security guard appears in a trance at the sight of snacks. When Noah stops singing, the guard berates them for stealing. Mildred gets Noah to keep singing, realizing that he has the power of suggestion when he sings. 

Later that night, Shanice finds Andre in the courtyard. Neither can sleep. Shanice laments that Logan came to visit, and now things seem even more hopeless. She asks about Andre's people, but he tells her they are all dead. Shanice mentions the Reverend's plan to go to Belle Isle. 

In the morning, a security guard counts the returnees. Claudette begins singing "We Shall Not Be Moved." Shanice and Andre join in.

FLASHBACK: Darlene visits the Reverend at church, saying she was wrong to think he'd ever leave this life.

The Reverend joins in the singing. Claudette teaches the song to Noah, who begins to sing. The security guard shoves Noah, banging his head on a chair. Andre goes to examine his injury, but the guards take Noah to his room.

The Reverend goes to check on Noah. Noah lets slip that his singing might have something to do with why he is here. Noah wants to go back to Belle Isle in the hope that the green lights will come again.

FLASHBACK: Reverend insists to his father that he loves Darlene, but his father doesn't want her in the church. His father lays into him about the need to preach about hope, how it's necessary for the congregation to thrive, that it's part of God's plan. 

The Reverend says he will take them back to Belle Isle, but only if he is caught up with all the new information -- in particular, the singing. 

Keisha checks on Hayden after the incident and brings him some food. Hayden asks about Noah and insists the guards are making the situation unsafe.

Keisha meets with Jharrel at a bar, telling him she wants to take the returnees back to Belle Isle. Jharrel agrees - they formulate a plan for when the guards are gone with Agent Tanner. Keisha notices Jharrel sketching -- he explains it's a clock he and his brother used to doodle. He says the 4400 have given him hope of finding Manny or at least getting closure.

Keisha and Jharrel assemble some of the returnees. Hayden cryptically announces that he cannot go. 

At Belle Isle, the returnees wander around. The Reverend finds his father's ring. Keisha tells him they've located Darlene and her son. The Reverend says he had always intended to do right by Darlene, but God sent him down another path. 

The Reverend leads a prayer. Noah begins singing "Hush Little Baby," which leads to Jharrel and Keisha falling asleep. The Reverend tells the returnees that they were brought together for a purpose and that they have powers. To their astonishment, he levitate, and thanks Mildred for making it happen. He also notes that Noah is keeping Keisha and Jharrel asleep. The Reverend urges the returnees to harness their gifts. Claudette grows ever more wary of the Reverend. 

Afterward, Keisha and Jharrel de-brief, saying they don't know what happened, only that they fell asleep, and the returnees went back willingly with them. Soriah shows up, offering to help. Keisha shows her bodycam footage to Soraya and Jharrel, but it cuts out at the point where Keisha falls to the ground, asleep.

FLASHBACK: The Reverend sits at a bar, waiting for Darlene, contemplating the ring and the plans he has for their future. He goes to the restroom, and there is a flash of green under the door. Darlene appears. The bartender tells her Rev just went to the restroom, and she waits for him.

The Reverend puts his ring back on. 

Andre bids Shanice good night. Shanice enters her room to find Mariah there waiting for her.

Jharrel notices the beginning of a clock sketched on the corner of a wall. 


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4400 Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Jharrel: Are you a body language expert, too?
Soraya: Oh, I watch a lot of reality television. People say it's trash but I say it's a masterclass on human nature.

Experimentation and observation are the best road to discovery.

Dr. Andre