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LaDonna sits with Hayden and Mildred, impressed at their powers. LaDonna explains what reality television is and how she used to be a star. 

Mariah explains to Shanice that Hayden snuck her in. She wanted to meet her mother. Shanice hugs Mariah, and while doing so, she can see one of Mariah's thoughts. Shocked, she pulls away. Shanice explains that she would never have left on purpose. Mariah asks about the note. Shanice says she didn't mean what she wrote in the note, then brings up Bridget, Logan's partner. Mariah gets upset and leaves.

The next morning, the returnees watch out the windows at the growing crowd protesting their detention. Dr. Andre asks how Mariah got in. Shanice says Hayden let her in. LaDonna remarks offhandedly that Hayden can see the future. LaDonna thinks the protestors are a good thing and that the security guard Steve says there will be a press event soon.

LaDonna recounts filming the premiere episode of her reality show. Her mother helps her pick out clothes and discourages her from pursuing an education in computer science. 

LaDonna realizes that with the press coming in, she can be a star again. One of the security guards tells them to stop loitering and get to breakfast.

At breakfast, Noah approaches Hayden, saying Mildred told him it's Hayden's birthday tomorrow. He says they will have a party and runs off. Mildred apologizes. Hayden says it's hard to celebrate when you're locked up. 

Jharrel fills in the next number on the clock drawing. Soraya shows up. He asks if anyone came through the halls, but she tells him no, she checked the footage. He asks if she has any more info about why they fell asleep at Belle Isle, but she doesn't.

Soraya, Jharrel, and Keisha attend a meeting leading up to the press event. Agent Tanner introduces Carla from the mayor's office. Carla tells them about their packets that inform them of the schedule and what they are allowed to say. Carla tells them they will need to find an ambassador among the 4400 to put a "face" to the situation. Jharrel is uncomfortable working for the government's interests rather than those of the people.

After the meeting, Carla approaches him. She asks about Manny, and he shows her Manny's clock drawing. Carla is dubious that Manny drew it. Jharrel apologizes for how he was back then -- it's clear he and Carla have a history together. He says he is sticking with this job because it's his only chance of finding Manny. Carla bids him good luck and leaves.

Agent Tanner tells Jharrel he'll be presenting a prepared statement. He wants to be an advocate, but she tells him he needs to cooperate or he'll be out.

Keisha and Jharrel interview some of the returnees (Shanice, Hayden, Mildred, Claudette) for the "ambassador" position. 

Dr. Andre examines Noah's injuries. He warns Noah not to sing when the press is there. Noah asks Dr. Andre if he can get him some medicine, explaining that he's trans. Dr. Andre is surprised but finds the concept remarkable and promises to procure the medicine. 

LaDonna tells Claudette that she wants to be the ambassador.

The Reverend is planning a birthday party for Hayden. He approaches Claudette, asking her if she knows anything about children's parties. Claudette is insulted.

Shanice and Dr. Andre have a conversation in the courtyard. Dr. Andre is concerned about Noah's needs, stressing that they need to be released. Shanice tells Dr. Andre about how she saw one of Mariah's memories when they hugged. She worries that she pushed Mariah away by lying. Dr. Andre reassures her that she'll find a way to be in Mariah's life.

Mariah tells Logan she wants to read Shanice's letter. He tells her it won't help. Mariah lets it slip that she went to see Shanice. At first, he's upset but then asks her how it went. Mariah said it wasn't good, though Shanice was nice. Mariah wants answers, and she thinks she can get them by reading the letter.

Jharrel meets with Dr. Andre, who requests updated medical texts and training, as well as Noah's medication. Jharrel says he'll get it, and they shake on it. As Dr. Andre leaves, Keisha arrives. Both Jharrel and Keisha confirm they have found no one. After Jharrel leaves, LaDonna approaches Keisha, offering to be the ambassador if she can have her phone back. As LaDonna describes her phone, it appears on the table, then disappears again. Keisha agrees to ask Agent Tanner about granting LaDonna access to her phone twice a week. 

In a flashback, we see LaDonna filming her show, having a meal with a group of friends. Between takes, she tells the crew to clean up equipment that's posing a safety risk. Her mother scolds her.

LaDonna gets ready for the press event and says she wishes she had some accessories. A necklace appears around her neck. 

As the event is being set up, Shanice, Claudette, and Dr. Andre notice Noah being taken away by some of the guards. Noah tells him they said he had to leave to get his meds by order of Agent Tanner. 

Carla introduces LaDonna to the press. LaDonna shows them around. One of the reporters recognizes LaDonna, saying her mother had told the press she'd gone into rehab six years ago. LaDonna credits her skincare regimen for maintaining her looks. She introduces Jharrel. He starts to read his statement, but then stresses that he wants to help the 4400 get back to their families. LaDonna cuts him off and leads the press away. Carla confronts Jharrel, saying her job is on the line. 

LaDonna meets with Agent Tanner, asking for her phone. Agent Tanner says the phone is government property, and she cannot have it back yet, but she'll try again in a few days. LaDonna remembers when her godmother showed up on set and got in a fight with LaDonna's mother. 

Jharrel is at Manny's place when Keisha shows up. She tells him he jeopardized his position without helping anyone. He asks her how he kept it together after her sister died. She tells him her job helped.

A guard brings Shanice to a room where Logan and Mariah are waiting. Mariah reads Shanice's "Goodbye" letter out loud. Shanice is in tears, telling them she went through a difficult time, but she's like to start anew. Mariah hugs her. Shanice hugs her back without experiencing anything strange. 

Jharrel brings some medical textbooks for Dr. Andre, saying they belonged to his missing brother, Manny.

Soraya takes LaDonna aside, telling her she found the pilot of "That LaDonna Life" and how she remembered LaDonna from "Real Ex-Wives of Miami," which had featured her mother. LaDonna watches it, remembering how her mother had staged fights with her godmother. LaDonna had then run away, accidentally tripping off the balcony and into green light.

At Hayden's birthday party, Claudette tells the Reverend about her husband. The Reverend remarks that her husband sounds like his father. Hayden arrives, and everyone shouts happy birthday. They present him with a lobster that has a candle in it. LaDonna lights the candle with her words. Hayden is happy for the celebration, though he wishes Noah were here, and he blows out the candle.

Keisha meets with Agent Tanner, who tells her Jharrel is being allowed to keep his job. Keisha defends him and expresses her dismay that Agent Tanner couldn't get LaDonna what was promised. Agent Tanner wants more support from her actual partner. Keisha says she'll stay at her own place tonight and leaves.

Mildred presents Hayden with a makeshift chess set. He hugs her, she kisses him, and they sit down to play chess.

LaDonna meets with Dr. Andre. He recognizes her intellect and asks for help learning through the medical books. A note falls out of one of them, with some text written in computer code. LaDonna and Dr. Andre think Manny is connected to the 4400 somehow. 

In her room, Mariah gets a message from LaDonna, asking her to share a video with the public. Mariah watches said video -- it's footage of the poor treatment, detainment, and abuse the returnees have been subjected to. Mariah shares it online right away. 


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4400 Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

So, you want, a black woman being held against her will, to do all the work for free? Fun.


The Reverend: I didn't mean to offend her.
LaDonna: But you did such a good job at it!