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  • TK gets his sobriety chip. 
  • Owen and Gwyn realize they have to tell TK the truth about their relationship. 
  • A man comes into the bank with a bomb strapped to his test, coughing, and he asks for money. It appears that he's being held hostage. 
  • Carlos and his partner catch the man. His partner thinks he's lying, but Carlos let's him go realizing he's under duress. 
  • TK catches Gwyn packing up and gets angry. She tells him about Enzo and the baby. 
  • Carlos is getting into trouble for letting the man go. His father is there to investigate him. 
  • Carlos goes to talk to TK and ends up chatting with Owen. Owen gives him advice and reassurance that he's a good man and he isn't soft and has a great heart.
  • The team responds to a fire. It's explosive material in the building. 
  • They're searching for a kid that's missing even though there is explosive mateial and they get the call.
  • Ranger Reyes tells Carlos that they found the guy he was talking about. He came in and told them everythinng and pointed to some person of interets who were responsible for the fire. 
  • Carlos was right but his father won't say that and Carlos calls him out on it. 
  • TK, Tommy, and Nancy get called to a pregnant woman in a parkint garage. They go to the scene and are held at gunpoint. They need help fixing their friend. 
  • Tommy has them go to her husband's restaurant. 
  • TK leaves his sobriety chip so he's found. 
  • When TK is late for dinner, Carlos goes looking for him. 
  • TK tries to get help, but he's knocked out. 
  • Carlos goes to the Strand house, Gwyn thinks that he's relapsed. 
  • Owen calls for information and takes Carlos with him. They realize that therig never came back. 
  • Carlos finds TK's chip. He figures out what happened and calls it into his father. His father tells him to stand down but he doesn't. 
  • They save the one guy, but he wakes up, has figured out that one of his partners betrayed him and shoots him dead in front of everyone. 
  • Tommy and the others make a move to disarm everyone. Owen and Carlos come in at the right moment and Owen shoots the guy.
  • Ranger Reyes tells Owen how great a job he did. He directs Ranger Reyes to Carlos, and Carlos father telsl him that he's proud of him and that he knows about TK and expects a proper introduction. 
  • They're with TK as a family in the hospital. 
  • Grace and Judd are in the car during a storm on their way to visit Grace's father. They talk about having kids and getting started on a family. They get in a car accident when they're hit and pushed into the water.
9-1-1: Lone Star
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9-1-1: Lone Star Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

God, you're so selfish! If I'm not enough to keep you two together, then think about my baby brother. Your baby.


Whatever happens, it's on me.