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  • Flashback to 1995. Judd steals a car with his friend and is drag racing. 
  • His friend is killed when they get into a crash. 
  • Grace is awake in the car. Judd thinks about his past. It's 2012 and he's showing kids how the fire truck works.
  • Judd goes to help a woma in distress when they go to a call, but it's the mother of his best friend who was killed in the crash, and she refuses his help.
  • He goes back to the site of where his friend was killed and speeds up but stops before he hits the tree. He calls the crisis line and hears Grace. He talks to her about what happened. 
  • They wake up in the car. He tells Grace what to do, but she can't move because her legs are pinned. She tells him he has to go, but he refuses to  leave her behind.
  • In flashback, Judd keeps calling Prayer services just to talk to Grace about his day and trying to make amends with his friend's mother. It carries on over time. 
  • When his friends mother finally invites him inside after he's been working on her house for her and all, he wants to call Grace to tell her the news, but she doesn't work there anymore. He's sad. 
  • He and the rest of his crew and Tommy go out for drinks and pool when he hears Grace's voice. He recognizes it and Tommy brings him over to meet her. They dance with each other and start dating. 
  • Grace's father knows that she's supposed to be headedto Georgetown, and he doesn't want her caught up with someone. 
  • Judd thinks he's doing the right thing by folllowing her father's wishes and breaking things off with her.
  • The team show up to suport Judd as he waits for Grace to wake up. He hears about a drunk driver running them off the road and doing something similar. 
  • He makes his way into the room and threatens the man. He's about to beat him sensless when Grace's father and Owen come in and tell him that Grace is awake. 
  • Grace can't feel her legs, but it's normal, and the doctor says that she and the baby are fine. They're pregnant! 
  • In flashback, it's six months after they broke up, and Judd gets his tattoo. 
  • They show up for Tommy when she has the twins, and they find out that they're the godparents. They make amends with each other. 
9-1-1: Lone Star
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9-1-1: Lone Star Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Judd, Judd, Judd, wake up! Judd!


Grace: Hello? Hello? You just take your time. I'm right here.
Judd: I apologize. I don't even know why I called this number.
Grace: You wanna tell me your name?
Judd: I'll just make something up.
Grace: Fair enough. How about I call you John?
Judd: It's as good as any.
Grace: You said you don't know why you made this call tonight. Do you think it was because you were led to?
Judd: Hey, look, I'm sorry. I thought I was in some kind of confessional mood, but I ain't really much of a talker when it comes down to it.
Grace: That's OK. You don't have to say anything if you don't want to. God knows what's on your heart anyway.
Judd: You can't hide from God.
Grace: Yeah, he truly sees everything.
Judd: You can't even hide from yourself in the end though. I thought I could. I've been doing a pretty fair job of it for about ten years, you know? Hiding behind a uniform and pretending that that uniform is me, but it ain't.
Grace: You in the military, John?
Judd: Oh, naw, hell no. I ain't brave enough for that. I'm a firefighter.
Grace: I think most people would consider that quite brave.
Judd: They'd be right for that, but no, I ain't no hero.