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  • A man calls Grace because his brother is choking. He can't perform anything because they're conjoined twins. Grace talks him through using a vacuumto suction out the Peanut Butter. 
  • TK is trying to get his testing for the firetruck and Judd helps him. 
  • He tells Judd about his parents having a baby. He was shocked by it, and doesn't know how to react. Judd gives him some brotherly advice. 
  • Paul's mother and sister, Naomi, show up at the station. They are driving around the country in an RV. It's frosty between Paul and his sister. They haven't been close since he transitioned. 
  • Tommy and Nancy try out new paramedics.
  • Owen wants TK to be his power of attorney. He's going under the knife for his final surgery to remove his turmor.
  • Paul is concerned that Naomi is risking their mother's health too much.
  • Paul confronts his sister for being transphobic and shetells him that she misses her sister and never got to say goodbye.
  • Owen feels like TK is giving him the cold shoulder over the baby news. 
  • Two brothers are flying a drone that lands on a man's property. It's a minefield. The owner blows up trying to warn them. They have to rescue the kids, one of whom was injured and losing lots of blood. 
  • The new paramedic refuses to partake in going to the boys. Owen and TK go through the minefield until they reach the boys and get them stabilized. 
  • Paul gets a phone call that his mother is in the hospital. It's really his sister. She has MS and he never knew about it which is why she wanted to travel around the world and stuff while she still could. 
  • The two of them talk and clear the air and make up. 
  • The new paramedic says he isn't a good fit because of them all being cowboys. He quits. They still need a new paramedic and TK's application pops up on Tommy's desk.
  • Owen and TK talk about Tk's decision. 
  • They find out what the baby's gender is.
9-1-1: Lone Star
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9-1-1: Lone Star Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Women? Women? You of all people don't get to play the gender card.


TK: Dad, I've been on you about this for months. What made you change your mind?
Owen: I am going to be a father.