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In the midst of a lottery frenzy in Los Angeles, a man throws his money off a roof and then plunges 20 feet down to the ground landing on a car. 

With Bobby suspended, Chimney is the new acting captain. 

Shannon asks Eddie for clarification on what they're doing in regards to their relationship, and he tells her that he's looking for a sign. She also tells him that she may be pregnant. 

Everyone visits Bobby for advice on their respective issues.

At a chocolate factory, a teacher chaperoning a school trip tries to get an extra scoop of chocolate and falls into a vat of it and is unable to get free due to its thickness. Unbeknownst to the rest of the team but Hen, Chimney calls Bobby for help and he tells him to use cocoa butter to help thin it out. 

Maddie gets a call from a woman who believes her brother may have committed suicide and the caller hangs up before Maddie can hear what happened. This prompts her to reevaluate her job at the call center, and she informs Sue that she is looking for a new job. 

Later, Josh brings Maddie to meet with many of the callers she's spoken to over the time she's been there, so they can tell her how much she has impacted them. 

The team is called to the house of a bomb victim, who was injured when a bomb exploded on her porch. 

Eddie takes Shannon out to dinner and tells her that he wants to get back together, but she tells him that she's not pregnant and she thinks they should get a divorce. 

The team is called to an accident in which a woman has hit pedestrians in a crosswalk. Shannon is one of the victims, and she passes away from her injuries after Eddie gets a chance to say goodbye. 

After seeing the news that another bomb has been left on someone's doorstep, Bobby and Athena surmise that there is a serial bomber on the loose. 

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9-1-1 Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

We need you back, Bobby. The place doesn't work without you.


Buck: Interim Cap. This is just temporary until Bobby comes back.
Chimney: You keep telling yourself that, Buck.