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Chimney lays in the courtyard at Maddie's building after being stabbed. 

We flashback to 2005, where Chimney is attempting to get a bank loan for a new business venture, which is denied. At night, he works at a bar with his childhood friend, Kevin. 

After a bar patron is accidently set on fire, and Chimney saves the day, he and Kevin both decide to join the fire department. 

Once they get through training, Chimney ends up at Station 118, where he is mostly relagated to cleaning. 

One of the paremedics takes Chimney out for a ride along day.

Later, there is a big apartment fire. While Chimney is working on ventilating the roof, he sees that Kevin is up there as well. A pregnant woman seeks refugee on the roof but steps onto an unstable part. Kevin saves her, but ends up falling through the roof and dying. 

Once he's back on the job, there is a 911 call about a collapse at a clothing store. When they get there, they realize that all the employees have headaches and feel ill. Chimney realizes there is a methane leak, and he saves firefighter Tommy, who was still inside, moments before the building explodes. 

The young woman who was saved on the rooftop visits the station with her son, and Chimney gives her the suggestion of Kevin as the childs middle name. 

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9-1-1 Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Mrs. Lee: Howard, you're a hero.
Chimney: I don't know about that, Mrs. Lee. I just did what I felt I needed to do.
Mrs. Lee: That's the very definition of a hero.

Mrs. Lee: We took you in because we love you, Howie. You're family.
Chimney: Then that's all I need.