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A school trip to a harvest festival ends with two kids hiding in a barn after being attacked by crows. The 118 brings them to safety, and a crow appears to follow Chimney for a few days after. 

Buck comes back to work and receives a chilly reception. Bobby tasks him with being the one person to stay back at the firehouse. 

After Tara's car breaks down, Maddie takes her home and walks around her house after saying she's going to use the bathroom. Later, Maddie and Chimney run into Tara and Vincent while out for the evening. Maddie admits to Chimney that she befriended Tara to help her. 

Tara does some searching and realizes that Maddie is a 911 operator and goes to the call center to file a complaint. Sue saves her job but tells her she has to go see a counselor and get a psych exam. 

On Halloween, a young girl shows up on a man's doorstep and collapses. Athena finds out that the girl is severely malnourished, and she and her fellow officers start canvassing the neighborhood to see where she came from. 

She finds a dilapidated house, and after exploring it she discovers numerous children chained up in the basement. The children are revealed to be siblings and their parents are arrested. 

A woman runs into a bicyclist and he becomes lodged in her car for two days without her realizing it. Eventually, Buck sees her at a convenience store and gets her to pull over and gets them both to safety. 

After going to the hospital due to some superficial cuts and talking to Buck, Bobby recognizes that he is ready to be back to work. 

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9-1-1 Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Bobby: He just, he doesn't think things through. He acts, reacts, and that leaves the rest of us to have to deal with the fallout.
Athena: Yeah, and the hurt feelings.

Eddie: This is weird. I see crows all over the city. Never heard about them attacking anybody.
Hen: And that's because crows are very docile. They don't attack unless they're provoked.