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Two best friends go to a rage room, and when one finds out the other was having an affair with her husband, she chases her with a sledgehammer. The 118 is then called to get release the woman from the barrel she's stuck inside. 

At the arbitration hearing, Buck's lawyer details the case against Bobby and accuses him of unequal treatment. 

The 118 is called to a slaughterhouse where protestors have chained themselves to a belt that gets turned on and leaves one man choking. 

Michael is pulled over in his car with May and Harry. Things turn ugly when the officers make Michael get out of his vehicle and another officer pulls a gun on Harry in the backseat. May videotapes the interaction. Later, Athena pulls one of the officers from the altercation over and gives him a field sobriety test. 

Eddie gets into an altercation with a man over a handicap spot and gets arrested. Lena bails him out of jail and takes him to a street fight where she fights. 

Karen and Hen find out that none of their embryos are viable. 

After Buck turns down a settlement from the city, he is reinstated to the 118. 


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9-1-1 Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Chimney: So much anger in the world these days. I can see why this place is all the rage. See what I did there?
Hen: Oh, I see it.

Hen: Part from a blowout bar, this is the dumbest thing is L.A. people pay money for.
Chimney: I think it's genius.