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Buck frantically searches for Christopher. 

Twenty minutes before the first wave, a couple heads to the Ferris wheel to sign their divorce papers. The husband, Max, suffers a spinal injury but is saved by Eddie and Lena just before the Ferris wheel goes down. 

Lena suffers from a broken rib, and Bobby tasks Eddie with taking her to the VA to get checked out. While there he helps save a young boy who suffers from delayed secondary drowning. 

Maddie gets a call at the center from the young girl who was at the pier with her drone, and she has her fly her drone a nearby apartment building after fielding a call from a mother who lost contact with her daughter. The drone shows the residents are all passed out. 

Bobby and company discover that the residents are suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning and they get them out of the building. A nearby gas truck is spilling gas into the water around the building and Chimney, Hen, and Bobby get everyone to safety just before a fire starts. 

While patrolling the streets, Athena encounters the captain of station 136 whose arm is pinned underneath a vehicle. She uses a pair of shears to cut amputate his arm. 

Buck arrives at the VA still looking for Christopher and runs into Eddie. While trying to explain to him what happened, Eddie spots Christopher alive. 

Sometime later, a memorial has been erected for the victims of the tsunami and those still missing. 

Eddie asks Buck to continue looking after Christopher. 

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9-1-1 Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Charlie: What are we looking for again?
Maddie: I think we found it.

Bobby: Wait, who helped them?
Eddie: Fire lady.