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Hikers near the Hollywood sign get trapped after the landslide takes out part of the sign and brings a mudslide down the Hollywood Hills.

Athena and Sylvia survive the initial landslide but are stuck inside the unstable house. After locating her radio, Athena is able to radio into dispatch, but the house starts to shift, and Athena loses her radio, and Sylvia gets pinned under the rubble.

Bobby, Eddie, and Hen rescue the hikers.

Chimney and Buck find a baby monitor while out looking for survivors. They are led to a house where Chimney rescues a baby and then finds a locked room full of pregnant women held against their will.

One of the women goes into labor, and Chimney delivers her baby.

Athena gets Sylvia free, and the ladies make it out of the house, where they are rescued by helicopter.

Athena confronts May about why she’s working at the call center, while Chimney moves back in with Maddie. Elsewhere, Buck’s quarantine lady is confirmed to be a doctor with whom he is seeking therapy.

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9-1-1 Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Firefighter: The Hollywood sign.
Buck: Where'd the rest of it?
Firefighter: Downhill. Got word the 'H' landed just west of here. There were some hikers in the area.
Chimney: I guess they should have bought a vowel.

Sylvia: This is why I don't leave the house. Bad things happen.
Athena: Pretty sure this bad thing happened while we were still inside the house.