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An accountant is stuck at the office after hours during tax season and doesn’t see a man sneak into his office, where he’s dousing the room in lighter fluid. When the man is caught, he drops a lighter, setting his legs on fire.

The 118 arrive to stabilize the man and the building and discover the perp was a client of the accountants being audited.

Athena assists on an arrest warrant of Dominic Dawson, a man suspected of defrauding a homeless charity. After getting him into custody, the man passes out in the backseat of Athena’s car, and she does chest compressions until the paramedics arrive.

Later, while being questioned about the incident at the precinct, she finds out that Dominic died.

Eddie and Chris visit Shannon’s grave.

Maddie and Chimney discover they’re both being audited by the IRS and summoned to a joint in-person meeting at the office. They both struggle to figure out what they could be getting audited for.

During a speech at Marie’s funeral, a car crashes into the chapel, trapping Marie underneath. The 118 arrive and are able to pull her out from underneath and discover she was having a living funeral, so she could spend time with her loved ones at her funeral while still alive.

Buck chats up Maria’s death doula, Natalia, and the two bond over his death experience. Later, the two go out for coffee, and she fangirls over his death and details the experience for her.

At the IRS meeting, Maddie and Chimney discover they both filed their taxes as head of household and claimed Jee-Yun, and they will now have to re-file.

Athena goes to the coroner’s office to see if they’ve found a cause of death for Dominic. But when she looks at the body, they discover Dominic’s bracelet has been switched, as his is missing.

They soon discover Dominic is alive, having intentionally overdosed before his arrest, switching his bracelet, and escaping from an overcrowded ER.

Remembering her conversation with Dominic, Athena realizes he would have returned to his house to collect his stolen money, and she catches him there. But after he’s booked at the station, he collapses again, and this time he is pronounced dead on the scene.

Eddie and Buck visit Marie’s grave after she succumbs to her illness. Buck talks about feeling like he must act a certain way for everyone else’s sake and vows to make the most of every moment moving forward.

Maddie and Chimney hire the accountant who had the office fire to redo their taxes, and he tells them they could save thousands of dollars next year if they get married.

Maddie talks to Josh the next day about marriage and how she never imagined being married again while Chimney sits at home looking at wedding rings.

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9-1-1 Season 6 Episode 15 Quotes

Buck: You know, you might say death, and I are old acquaintances. Maybe even friends for a moment.
Natalia: Lucky you. How'd you pull that off?
Buck: I died. Just for a few minutes. Struck by lightning.

Chimney: Well, it's like they say, Cap, that only two things in this life are inevitable.
Buck: Death and taxes.
Bobby: Sometimes they go together.