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Athena picks up Chimney and Hen from a landfill after they’re caught trespassing on the property.

A flashback from two days earlier finds Chimney and Hen looking at engagement rings for Maddie. But Chimney begins to freak out, wondering if it’s a mistake to propose, before deciding he will go for it.

Chimney shows the ring to the 118, and they tell him he needs a plan to propose.

Chimney shows Jee-Yun the ring while he has her in Bobby’s office and waits for Maddie to get her. He talks with Bobby and quickly hides the ring box in his pocket when Maddie shows up.

The bell rings soon after that, and the 118 discuss plans for Chimney’s proposal while Ravi questions why Chimney would bring the ring out into the field.

A woman dreams about her teeth falling out and then wakes up choking on what she assumes are teeth and spitting them up. Hen and Chimney check her out and realize she has tonsil stones.

En route to the hospital with the woman, Chimney starts to worry about Maddie saying no to his proposal and decides he’s not proposing anymore.

At the station, Buck and Hen discuss Chimney’s spiral, and she thinks they should let him figure things out on his own. Buck then accuses Hen of blaming Maddie for their past issues, and Hen admits that she doesn’t know if marriage is right for them.

A mom at the mall with her three children leaves them at a table to get pretzels, and when she returns, her youngest son is missing. She calls 911, and Maddie dispatches the police. When Athena arrives, they begin looking for the boy, and the crowd collectively starts calling his name out, and emerges from a nearby candy store.

Two roommates break into a landfill to retrieve a hard drive tower the one roommate threw out. But while searching for it, they trigger an avalanche and get trapped in the trash.

The 118 retrieve the one roommate with severe injuries due to getting stuck in wires, while Eddie and Ravi have to rappel down into the center of the trash to retrieve the other before a fire gets to him.

After the rescue, Chimney changes his mind again and decides to propose to Maddie, but when they get back to the station, he can’t find the engagement ring.

Chimney calls out his friends and thinks they took the ring to see him sweat, but after accusing Hen of taking it, she reveals that she’s not sure he and Maddie should be getting married.

Chimney and Hen talk about her fears about his indecision, and he tells her that he and Maddie have rebuilt and are in a better place. The two then travel to the landfill to look for the ring, bringing us back to the start of the episode when Athena picks them up.

After showering at Hen’s house, Chimney admits to her that he feels like the universe is telling him something regarding the missing ring.

At Maddie and Chimney’s house, Jee-Yun finds the ring in her stroller and puts it into her dollhouse.

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9-1-1 Season 6 Episode 16 Quotes

Chimney: Well, it's not that I don't know. It's just don't want to screw this up.
Bobby: You're not gonna screw this up.
Maddie: Screw what up?

Chimney: What if this is something she doesn't even want?
Hen: You two still haven't talked about this since the accounting thing? I thought you said you were gonna discuss it.
Chimney: It's too awkward. If I bring it up now, she's just gonna think it's cause that accountant brought it up. It's like that guy beat me to the punch.
Hen: Or maybe he gave you a perfect opportunity to have an open and honest discussion about marriage.