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A blimp malfunctions and crashes into the lighting surrounding a soccer stadium.

Athena and the 118 descend upon the stadium, with Athena trying to restore order inside as people rush to safety and the 118 trying to rescue the two pilots stuck inside the blimp.

Athena tends to a young woman who is dying and in need of a medical device for her artificial heart, which Athena finds on her mother who was separated from her in the chaos. Meanwhile, Eddie, Chimney, and Buck are able to rescue the pilots.

With Lucy out with an injury, Bobby has to find a new Interim Captain, and Buck ponders why he wasn't considered.

Maddie stays with Chimney temporarily while her apartment is being worked on.

A father and son are out golfing, and when the son's ball finds itself inside a wood chopper, he retrieves the ring but gets his hand nipped when the machine turns on. His wedding ring saves his hand but shoots out at his father, impaling him in his chest.

May prepares to head off to college.

People compete in a competition at a car lot, where one part of their body must be touching a car at all times. The last two refuse to quit, and the manager refuses to stop the competition, even after one participant becomes ill. Bobby forces the manager's hand by threatening to saw into the car, and he awards both participants a vehicle.

Chimney and Maddie sleep together, but Chimney flees the following day before they can talk.

Maddie helps a little boy who calls 911 because he lost his brother while playing hide and seek. The call spurs her to speak with Chimney, and the two commit to one another.

Bobby asks Hen to be the acting captain and later breaks the news to Buck.

Athena and Bobby facetime her parents before setting off for their cruise, and Samuel drives his car into his home, causing Athena's mother to drop the phone.

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9-1-1 Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

Buck: I just want to know what these other candidates have that apparently, I don't.
Christopher: Buck, you don't even have a couch.

Bobby: How's crowd control, Sargeant?
Athena: Got called in to do an emergency heart transplant instead.
Bobby: Well, you win.
Athena: Who's keeping score?