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A 2018 flashback shows Hen and Buck finding Bobby passed out at his apartment. Soon after, he goes to an AA meeting where he meets Wendall for the first time.

In the present day, Bobby tells Athena he wants to talk to Tamara, believing she knows more about Wendall’s death. When he approaches Tamara at the flower shop, he tells her Wendall didn’t deserve to die in an abandoned lot, and she tells him he didn’t die there. She explains that he wasn’t a patient but instead went there to help her and others.

Maddie checks in on Buck, and he insists she not fuss over him.

After going through his receipts, Bobby and Athena deduce that Wendall may have had a camera installed at Winding Path.

A 2018 flashback shows Bobby telling Wendall about his proposal to Athena, and Wendall implores him to slow down.

Athena tells Bobby that no camera was found on Wendall when he died, and they wonder if the camera is still at Winding Path.

Hen stops over to check on him, followed by Connor and Josh. Realizing that Maddie is sending people to check on him, he leaves his apartment and goes to Eddie’s, where he promptly falls asleep on the couch.

Bobby gets a call from Tamara, who sounds like she’s under the influence. He then races over to Winding Path.

After waking up, Buck admits to Eddie that he’s not sure how he feels and wonders if he’ll get to a point where he can process what happened to him.

At Winding Path, Bobby gets inside and punches Trey when he tries to get in his way. He finds a drugged Tamara in an office, and she tells him Wendall died there. As the building starts to burn, Bobby and Tamara narrowly escape.

Once outside, Carries accuses Bobby of setting the fire, and he’s arrested.

At the precinct, the detective details the allegations against Bobby but wants to hear his side of the story, as things seem too neat to be true. Once Athena comes in, she tells the detective where to look for the camera, which Wendall hid in an outlet in the office.

Athena and the detective meet with Tamara in the hospital, who details meeting Wendall at a meeting and his deciding to help her expose Winding Path. Posing as a client, Wendall got inside the office to plant the camera, but Carrie caught him and Tamara. Wendall told her he was looking to use, and Carrie gave him drugs to use in the office. Wendall then tried to decline, but Carrie then insisted Tamara take them. Wendall stepped back in to take them instead of Tamara, and he died afterward. Trey then moved his body to the abandoned lot and set it on fire.

Buck and Athena watch Carrie and Trey get arrested, and Athena learns that the couple tried to turn on one another and had a history of burning down other treatment centers.

Buck visits his doctor, who tells him he can return to work within the week. He then asks her how others cope after a near-death experience, and she tells him he will find his equilibrium eventually.

Bobby visits Tamara, who is now working at the flower stand. And later leads an AA meeting and approaches a man sitting in the back of the room, similar to how he was when he met Wendall.

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9-1-1 Season 6 Episode 12 Quotes

You have to let this go, or you’ll end up like Wendall.

Tamara [to Bobby]

Bobby: I’ve been feeling a little lost.
Wendall: Then let’s help you find your way back.